About Bob


Bob the Beagle with previous owner Sue Jones.

Sue Jones in Cannes ! “Sorry Gordon, can’t make the delivery flight today !”

The Beagle pup is a classic British built aircraft first manufactured by ‘Beagle Aircraft Limited’.

This aircraft built in 1969 still retains most of its original fittings with the exception of a new engine, which was installed in late 2009. New rear windows were fitted (February 2011) to replace the old ones that had gone opaque with age. You can actually see behind you now! It is of an all metal construction and is classed as a 4 seat tourer, with semi aerobatic capability, although it could be more accurately described as a 2+2.

‘Bob’ the Beagle as he is affectionately known, is based at Hawarden (EGNR) the home of Airbus UK. He was purchased from the original owner in early 2010 and is now utilised as a group aircraft.In 1969 he was originally on the British register as G-AXMX, but was transferred to the Australian register in 1970 and became VH-UPT. Out of the 21 Beagle Pups originally ordered before British Executive and General Aviation Ltd (by then the Beagle Aircraft Co.) went bankrupt, only half a dozen or so actually made it to be

Bob the Beagle returning to Hawarden from Mona, North Wales.

Bob the Beagle returning to Hawarden from Mona, North Wales.

sold in Australia. This Beagle Pup, took a very interesting route and method of getting to Australia by being entered into the 1969/1970 England to Australia Air Race as competitor No. 61 (there’s plenty more details on Bob’s Air Race journey here).

In 1974 although ‘Bob’ was returned to the British Register and once again became Beagle Pup G-AXMX his owner, Susan Jones had moved from Australia to France and not the UK so, G-AXMX was based in France until purchased in 2010, when he moved to his new home at Hawarden Airport.This Beagle Pup although based in France for most of his life has been a regular visitor to the UK as it was flown across the channel destined for Derby Airfield where all maintenance was carried out.